Use the Moon Cycle to Generate Wealth

The moon has been a central figure for humans since ancient times. From creating calendars to predicting harvests to shaping beliefs and traditions, the moon has left a lasting impression on us. But did you know that the moon’s cycle can also be used to generate abundance in your life? Have you considered using the moon and it’s cycles to create more abundance in your life? Or maybe there are things you want to release in order to create more space. Depending on where the moon is situated can help you decide what it is you need to ask for. In this post, we’ll explore six ways you can tap into the moon’s power to manifest abundance.

1. Start with setting intentions during the new moon

The new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle and is a powerful time to set intentions. The energy is ripe for new beginnings, so take the opportunity to focus on what you want to create in your life. I suggest following the lunar cycle moon calendar so that each month, you know what phase the moon is in. You can write down your intentions in a journal or create a vision board with images that represent your desires. Remember to keep your intentions positive, specific, and achievable. By setting intentions during the new moon, you are planting the seeds of abundance that will be nurtured as the moon waxes. Working with moon energy gives us an opening to look within ourselves, set intentions and carve out the next steps on our path.

2. Take inspired action during the waxing moon

As the moon grows in size from the new moon to the full moon, it is a time of expansion and growth. This is the perfect time to take action towards your intentions. You can break down your goals into small, achievable steps and take action each day. This could mean networking, doing the research, practicing a new skill, or taking a course. The waxing moon energy will support you in your efforts and help you build momentum towards your goals. This moon energy is all about moving forward and building your fire. You are taking the steps towards your big action and re-evaluating as you go. I like to use this phase of the moon to get very specific in my intention and fine-tune what it is I am working towards. Narrow it down and make it achievable. If it is a really big goal for your future, what are steps this month you can take to get there? Small, actionable steps. Moving the needle towards your goal will help you continue to move forward and see results.

3. Celebrate abundance during the full moon

The full moon is a time to celebrate and express gratitude for the abundance in your life. At this time the moon sits directly opposite from the sun, so energy and emotion can be high during this time. Take some time to reflect on everything you have achieved and all the blessings in your life. You can write down your gratitude list in a journal or share it with friends and family. The full moon energy is potent, and expressing gratitude will help you attract even more abundance in your life. This is also a time to reflect honestly on what may not be working for you. As the waning moon approaches you can begin to think about what needs to be released. The full moon is potent energy that holds space for us to release. This is so important as we set intentions. Moving forward is only possible when we let go of what may not be serving us any longer.

4. Release what no longer serves you during the waning moon

As the moon starts to shrink from the full moon to the new moon, it is a time of release and letting go. This is the perfect time to release any limiting beliefs, old habits, or outdated patterns that are holding you back. You can do this by journaling, meditating, or practicing a ritual. The waning moon energy will help you let go of what no longer serves you and create space for new energies to come in.

5. Practice forgiveness during the dark moon

The dark moon is the night before the new moon, and it is a time of deep introspection and quiet. This is the perfect time to reflect on any past hurts, resentments, or grudges that are holding you back. By practicing forgiveness, you are releasing toxic energies and creating space for more positive energies to come in. You can practice forgiveness by writing a letter to the person you want to forgive or by doing a forgiveness ritual. Forgiveness can something so many of us struggle with. Be gentle with yourself. This is a process and will take time. Re-visit this process, talk about what/who you want to forgive openly so that you are putting this energy into the universe.

6. Trust the process and surrender during the void of the moon

The void of the moon is the period of time between the dark moon and the new moon when the moon is invisible in the sky. This is a time of deep stillness and surrender. It is essential to trust the process and allow the universe to work its magic. You can practice surrender by letting go of control, practicing mindfulness, or by doing a surrender ritual.

The moon’s power is an incredible tool for manifesting abundance in your life. By setting intentions, taking inspired action, celebrating abundance, releasing what no longer serves you, practicing forgiveness, and surrendering to the process, you can tap into the moon’s energy and create a life of abundance. Remember to always follow your intuition, stay aligned with your values, and trust the process. The moon has your back.

Sunny Cameron
Sunny Cameron
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